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Time To Get Movin'

Our Divine Download for August 6, 2022 is Fairy Princess of Winter Flowers from the Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards. The Fairy Princess of Winter Flowers is diligent about her duties and about getting things done, as nature and the universe need her to. She will attend to all of nature's needs, persevering until the task is finished, but she is also generous and gentle and approaches all of her tasks with loving kindness. She comes in for us today because she is asking us to realize that we need to honor our own cycle of nature and that it is time for us to move on because we have exhausted and reaped all that we can from a path we may have long walked. It is time for us to explore and find new paths to walk and new areas to explore, and even new boundaries to cross as we push ourselves out of our proverbial comfort zones. The wisdom and guidance of the universe is that we bring new ways to work and to explore our new goals. You are ready now to give your life to new things and to enjoy the results of your efforts - you are ready to find work that is a better energetic match to your current vibration and rewards more suitable and in line with efforts made. There are many different ways to grow and we are being asked now not to impede our growth through hesitation. Allow yourself to grow and enjoy all that it brings. Honor your inner wisdom and know that your wisdom will take you far. Don't forget to allow your knowledge and hard won experience to help others grow by sharing it with them. Allow others to benefit from what you have gained in this way.

Change and growth are never easy and sometimes we just need a lil reassurance from our spiritual support committee. Allow your Angels to provide you this reassurance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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