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To Thine Own Self Be Loving & True

Our Divine Download for February 16, 2023 is True Love from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "This is the romance of a lifetime!" You are love. You are surrounded by love. And this is your sign that if you are not in a fulfilling, reciprocal, romantic relationship, that it is coming into your life and it's going to knock your socks off and be like nothing you have ever known. If you are already in a romantic relationship, but maybe are having any questions or any doubts that it is indeed true and pure and meant to be, you can go ahead and drop those like a hot potato because this is your sign that all is well (and if it is not, you already knew that before you saw this card so know that there is still great, true, wonderful, beautiful pure love out there for you!) If you are in a relationship that has been going good, even great, this is also a sign that things are going to level up within that existing relationship and be even better. So all good things, any way that you look at it and any way that you slice it. BUT, do you know how you attract this wonderful true love into your life, this romance of your lifetime? (or cause your existing relationship to level up to that extent?) Of course you do! By loving and valuing yourself and treating yourself like YOU are your own one true love and romancing the hell out of yourself! And yes, we did just talk about these very things mere days ago, so this message serves to reinforce what you were told at that time. It's time for you to figure out how to be your biggest, best, baddest true love ever and in doing so to transform all of the relationship dynamics in your life! And so it is!

If loving yourself intensely or on this level is something that you find challenging, it's time to sit down with your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading and allow them to help and inspire you. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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