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Our Divine Download for May 14, 2023 is Trust from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards. Trust is a tricky concept because it requires us to shush our egoic minds and lean into our faith, which may or may not be in such great shape these days. Mother Mary says "I know that God, in his infinite wisdom and love, is answering my prayers right now." The problem that we often run into when it comes to matters of trust is that we want what we want how we want it and when we want it. But that's simply not the way that things work. We don't get to say how and we most definitely do not get to say when. Just like we don't particularly need to like it or understand when something may actually not be in our best interest or for the greatest and highest good of all, or for the biggest challenge of all, when the universe says hang in there for something even better. We tend to throw trust tantrums when things don't go exactly the way that we think that they should. Which gets us nowhere fast, does nothing to accelerate our timeline, and really only serves to frustrate the hell out of us. So as much as you can, as much as you are able, you need to surrender control of the how's and the when's and just accept that it is happening. Even if it doesn't seem like it. Even if it doesn't feel like it. And if it doesn't go down the way that you thought you wanted it to or the way that you felt it needed to, it's simply because something EVEN better is en route to you RIGHT NOW and it's going to be fucking amazing!

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