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Trust Your Inner Knowing

Our Divine Download for June 17, 2023 is Inner Knowing from the Message From the Mermaids Oracle. We ALL have inner knowing. It's called intuition. And it is just as powerful as our sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. It's called our sixth sense for a reason! So why do we doubt it? Why do we deny it? Why don't we stay in the flow and choose to trust it? Our Mermaid friends suggest that interacting with water in a meaningful way can help us to both connect with our intuition and bolster our confidence about our intuition. But we have to be willing to TRUST our inner knowing. One of the questions that I receive most frequently from clients is "how do I tell the difference between intuition and ego." Ego is designed to keep us alive. That's it's main function. As such it isn't supposed to be on all the time or to be in control or in the driver's seat of our psyche. It's startling. It's jarring. It's upsetting. I can feel very doomsday and negative. And it's supposed to because that's how it keeps us alive. Our inner knowing on the other hand is meant to be used to the same extent (if not more!) as our other senses and IS supposed to be in the driver's seat of our psyche. It is fluid, and gentle, and easy (when we don't obsess over it and push it). It softly suggests whereas ego shouts and demands. Even when our inner knowing tells us something that we might not like or maybe didn't think that we wanted to know, it still does so in a reassuring and safe way. So if you are feeling emotionally charged and reactionary, it is a safe bet that your ego is responsible. If you are feeling certain, connected, and in the flow, it's absolutely your inner knowing. So listen up!

Our Angels are experts at helping us to distinguish inner knowing from ego and will gladly help us do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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