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Tune Into Your Soul to Trust

Our Divine Download for August 11, 2021 is The Angel of Trust with the message "The light of my soul is my solid foundation of trust" from the Angel Meditations Cards. Trust is tricky for a lot of people. Most people. Our ego seemingly does everything in it's power to keep us in fear, worry, doubt, basically the antithesis of trust. When we are able to surrender to trust, to choose trust, we don't waste energy on all of those other icky sticky emotions or all of the activities that often accompany them. The Angel of Trust tells us that the light of our soul is our solid foundation for trust. Hmmmm.... this suggests that trust is an inside job. Trust stems from our connection to both self and the universe. Trust is that inner knowing, that inner certainty. Trust is also the willingness to surrender to not knowing then neither knowing or certainty are present or apparent. We don't always need to know when we think we need to know, though our ego will certainly suggest otherwise. We think that we need to know all of the things all of the time in order to feel safe, to be safe. We believe this because we mistakenly believe that when we know all of the things all of the time, we are in control and we can do something to change the outcomes of the things that we know which will happen in a way in which we do not want. But this is very false, very exhausting, and can even be dangerous. We are only in control of ourselves and those things within our sphere of influence over which we have immediate control, which in the big ol' picture are very, very few. And that's okay. It's good. Heck, it's even great! Because control is an illusion anyway. The more we buy into the illusion of control, the farther we get from ourselves, our soul, and the things that we actually do know and what we can actually trust. So in our attempt to feel safe, we are actually robbing ourselves of the very thing which will allow us to feel safe: trust. Focus on yourself. Lean into yourself. Do what you have to do in order to access that soul knowledge which is ever present for all of us. And trust what you find there.

Trauma patterning teaches us that we need to know all of the things all of the time in order to be in control, pushing us further outside of ourselves and disconnecting us from what we do know. Our Angels can lead us back to true safety and help us tune back into ourselves during a 60 Minute Angel Card Session. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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