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Utilize Rest to Restore Your Vital Force & Power

Our Divine Download for November 11, 2022 is Emotional Desert/Inactivity, Isolation from the Energy & Spirit Oracle. Sometimes we may feel disconnected, unproductive, or uninspired. It happens. To everyone. Really. Sometimes we just might not have the energy to make things happen. And that's okay. Especially coming off of a period of significant energy and productivity, it's okay to take a break. But when we live in a society that seems to value human-doings over human-beings, we can experience guilt and negative emotions and associations when we give ourselves the much needed break that we so desperately need in order to charge and reset. You still have the power to connect, produce, and create great value in your life. The future is full of beautiful, shining, nurturing connections when we allow ourselves to rest, reset, and recharge. You can finally break through this low vibration and choose to generate a powerful momentum of joy now. If you find yourself lost in a desert of uncertainty, rest assured that things are about to change. You may have to take some action to re-establish old connections and revisit old goals. Focus your time and your energy on projects that call to and inspire your heart. This card is telling you that even taking a little step forward will get your energy flowing again. Affirm: "I am a vital force in the universe. I have the power to create great value in my life and in the world." And so it is!

An Integrative Reiki Session will help you recharge and reconnect, allowing you to nurture yourself so that you are able to move forward in any direction that your heart should lead you. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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