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Wait & Look Inward Before Your Leap

Our Divine Download for July 23, 2022 is Chrysanthemum/Loving Strategy from the Flowers of Love Oracle Cards. Chrysanthemums are all about family harmony, and our family may extend to any who we hold as such in our heart space. In the Chinese language, Chrysanthemum means reflection because its name sounds like "wait." Waiting and reflection are both necessary in formulating any strategies, but especially loving strategies. When it comes to your love life, or situations involving those whom you love in your life, stop and think about your motivations and your expectations before moving forward or making any decisions. So often when we just give situations and people a little bit of grace and space and time for reflection and processing, we find that we may not actually need to act where we might have previously felt driven to do so. There are always legitimate questions which must be asked and considered before forming any strategy, loving or otherwise, but some of these questions need to be asked of ourselves too. Introspection is necessary for appropriate strategy as it doesn't much matter what we are doing or are going to do if we do not know why it is is we are doing something, or even want to do something. It is also helpful to observe others and understand how they may work and what their motivations are within certain dynamics before we move forward with any specific plan or planning. Chrysanthemums best bring family harmony in dynamics and situations where we are in fact considering the needs of others and not just our own needs and where we are clear as to why strategy may be needed to shift and change particular dynamics. Chrysanthemum also assures us that we can overcome any obstacles within our familial relationships (however we may define family) and that true harmony will be restored.

Energies that we hold within our chakra system, often without even being aware that we are doing so, can influence our motivations and expectations. Connect with your chakras through a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading to better understand yourself in order to bring harmonious relationships with others. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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