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Wish For Something Even Better

Our Divine Download for March 9, 2022 is Make A Wish from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. This card asks you to get in touch with your deepest wishes and desires. What do you most desire? What is your biggest wish? What does your soul long for? This card asks you to share your desires and wishes with heaven and release them to allow for manifestation rather than deciding that they're not possible and ignoring them or burying them. Wishes and desires are a key element within the manifestation process. It will not serve you to hide your wishes and desires under a blanket of doubt. This is an exciting card because it is also our confirmation that what we are wishing for is close to coming to us. We need to exert a bit of energy, a bit of effort, in order to help create it in our lives. It's normal, natural, for fear and doubt to arise when we receive messages like this, especially because our ego thrives off of creating doubts and fears. Breathe that energy right out of your body and blow it away. When you have a conversation with your angels, either silent or aloud, one of two things will happen: you'll either get what you wish for, or you'll be shown a better, more suitable answer. When you wish, you can acknowledge this by wishing for what you desire "or something even better!" When you open yourself up to "something even better" you release worry and control and stop limiting the universe on what it may deliver to you. Opening to something even better ups the anti on your wishes and your manifestation potential. And what could possibly be better than that?!

Our Angels love to partner with us on our manifestations and wishes and will gladly help us discover and tune into our greatest wishes and desires during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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