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Wished For New Beginnings Are Here

Our Divine Download for November 2, 2022 is Ace of Pumpkins and Nine of Ghosts from The Halloween Tarot. The Ace of Pumpkins would be the ace of pentacles, ace of coins, ace of autumn, ace of Earth, or ace of Archangel Ariel in other tarot interpretations, and the Nine of Ghosts would be the nine of water, nine of cups, nine of hearts, nine of summer, or nine of Archangel Raphael in other tarot interpretations. Aces in tarot are always about new beginnings and the Ace of Pumpkins signifies a new beginning in the areas of time, money, or health - all those things that sustain us and connect us to the earth plane. Whoo-hoo! The Nine of Ghosts is actually one of the best cards in tarot, and has a jingle that goes with it "Nine of Ghosts, your wish comes true, what you want now comes to you!" It is ALL about feeling wonderful and enjoying new flow and the manifestation of long heart held wishes. It is a card of feeling wonderful because everything simply *IS* wonderful! If you haven't been wishing, than this is your reminder that it is time to start. NOW. Because your wishes cannot come true if you have not been making them. #facts. Put those wishes out there, especially those that have to do with time, money, and health because wonderful new beginnings and prosperous positive changes are here for you now. Right. Freaking. Now. It's going to be awesome and it's going to feel flipping amazing! And so it is!!!

Sometimes we need to connect with our Angels so that we can deliver those wishes that are on our hearts a little more personally. Sometimes we can also use some reassurance that those positive changes with time, money, and health are actually ever going to happen. Do both during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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