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You Are Infinitely Supported

Our Divine Download for August 2, 2021 is Keepers of the Earth from the Work Your Light Oracle Cards. The Keepers of the Earth bring us the message "You are not alone. Ancient Ancestors stand beside you." Whoa. You know that Universal Support that we mentioned in yesterday's message? Well, your Angels, guides, and specifically your ancestors want to make REALLY sure that you're crystal clear as to the extent of that support. Sometimes when we get into cutting ties with our past, we realize that there may have been some toxic or challenging patterns within our families of origin and the temptation may be to cut yourself off from those biological ancestors completely. However, they show up for you in a very real way right now to say that they have your back and that they are actually part of your healing and growth process. They are here to support you and they are here to guide you. When you heal anything relating to you family of origin, you heal it for those who came before you as well as for those who have come after you. Which is a pretty big deal. (Of course it is always up to each of those individuals, regardless of their current plane of existence to either accept or reject the healing that is being offered to them.) Our ancestors aren't just those to whom we are at some level biologically related to through our families of origin, but also any of those who have come before us. And that's a lot of ancestors! So please, don't ever think that you're alone on your journey or in your process or in your healing, because you are not. You are supported in ways and even by people whom you have never known and have never met, and they will support you and send you love however they are able. You've got this. And they've got you.

When we have experienced really toxic or challenging situations with our families of origin, we can become bound within the energetic cords of those dysfunctions and dynamics. Energetic cord cuttings are powerful work which will remove the negative cords of attachment only (you can not severe positive and healthy attachments and dynamics) between you and certain people or certain situations. Book your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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