Your Are Protected To Fully Speak Your Truth

Our Divine Download for November 24, 2022 is Seraphim's Gateway/Voice Activation, Angelic Attunement, Divine Support from the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. You have additional angelic support available to you right now and your angels are working with you to help you find and use your voice, in order for you to fully speak your truth and show up as the most authentic version of yourself. Your voice has great power. How and when do you choose to use your voice and exercise this power? Now is not the time to speak without thinking or to say things that you do not mean, or to participate in repeating idle gossip. You are safe to communicate at this time, with an extra layer of angelic protection surrounding you. You are being held by the presence of love. Because you love so intensely and care so deeply, there is a power and a passion in your words and in expressing yourself in this way at this time, you have extra potential to make a great difference in the world. Angels surround you to such an extent right now that you are carrying within you an angelic light, and that angel glow tends to get you extra attention, in the best possible way, everywhere that you go. It is time to shine your light, especially your angel infused light, on the world at large and the world around you and you best do that by speaking your truth at this time.

Speaking your truth, and sometimes speaking at all can be difficult for us when we have experienced past trauma surrounding our spoken words. The energies of those traumas live within our bodies and can block our chakras. An Integrative Reiki Session will help to clear away those old traumas so that you can more easily use your voice and express yourself. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!