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Your Power In Miracles

Our Divine Download for September 9, 2020 is Power/Mountain Thunder and Miracles/Double Rainbow from the Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards. Sometimes I pull cards and I'm just hit with a big ol' WOW! and today is definitely one of those days! Your guides and your Angels couldn't make it much clearer that the storms of your life are passing, and after the storms have cleared, your miracles (yes, that is plural) will be here for you. Boom. With the storms of the past passing, your dreams are coming true. It does not matter how deep and dark or rough or tough those storms might have been. The past is in the past and other than wisdom gained from lessons learned, it needs to stay there. Your future holds miracles (plural). Good fortune, cosmic wisdom, beauty, and faith are expanding within you right now. Believe that your life is guided and that you are here for a specific purpose. Trust in the innate goodness of the Universe. Be open to receiving that goodness and all of it's bounty. Belief and trust are where you harness the raw power of the storms which have raged around you and within you in the past. That power is your key to your miracles unfolding. Harnessing that power allows a direct link to the heavens and all of their infinite support to open for you, to you. With your power lies the truth of your oneness. Anything you start right now, where ever you put your focus, however you channel your power into action - you have the midas touch. Blessings are flowing in all directions. Believe that you deserve the best, because you do. It's all happening. Bounty, joy, blessing, and miracles are flowing your way. Wrap them in your centered, connected, powerful embrace. This is your time to claim your power and step into your potential - your full potential. Silence whatever reservations you have, put your fears to bed, or face them, and do it anyway. You've got this. It really is ALL you. And it's all here for you. Right now.

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