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Abundant Gratitude & Generosity

Our Divine Download for December 7, 2020 is Buffalo/Abundance from the Power Animal Oracle Cards bringing us the message "You are provided for in all ways." You are being assured and reassured that you are an abundant being living on an abundant planet in an abundant Universe. You will always have all that you need. You may not always have all that you want, but you are being assured and reassured that you will always have all that you need. In order to stay in the natural state and flow of abundance that exists within you, on this planet, and within our Universe, the Buffalo in his calm and gentle way reminds you to stay in the practice on mindful gratitude, being truly grateful and truly thankful for all that you do have. Do not let lack mentality and poverty mindset and your pesky ego draw your attention or your focus away from gratitude and towards that which you do not have. Have faith in your abundance rather than getting caught up in feelings or beliefs of lack or limitation. Because you are being assured that you will always have more than enough, it is also important for you to maintain a generous spirit. Give to others that which you do not need, that which no longer serves you, that which you have an over abundance of. Give out of a heart space of deep gratitude for all that you do have and all you have ever and will ever be provided for. Give without strings or expectations. Allow your gifts to bless and sustain others. Be in gratitude for the opportunity to give and the experience of giving. Giving in this way provides a deep heartfelt satisfaction and fosters more meaningful connection to others, strengthening your abundance in even more meaningful ways. The Buffalo reminds you that nature gives freely and generously and asks you to connect with the part of your nature that is called to be in the flow of abundance and do the same. Stand steady and grounded in the knowledge of the faith that you ARE abundant. You ARE provided for in all ways, and always will be. And so it is.

Abundance can be tricky when we have the energy and mindset of generations of those who came before us buried deep within our cellular memory. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can reveal if there are blocks within our chakras to our full abundant expression and provide simple, easy action steps when there are. Book Your Session Today!

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