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Attend To Your Own Needs First

Our Divine Download for August 13, 2022 is Preening/Attend to your own needs from the Feathered Omens Messenger Bird from the Spirit World oracle Cards. Preening is a process that birds go through daily as they attend to their feathers, combing them with their beaks, smoothing, and even coating them with a protective oil. It is a necessity for their ultimate survival. This is your reminder that you need to attend to your own needs as it is also a necessity for your survival. Prioritize doing what you need to do for yourself and actually do it, regardless of how others respond or what others say. It is not selfish to ensure your well-being and doing do only enhances your ability to help others more effectively. This is a time to nurture yourself and to nurture all of your endeavors. Do not ignore or put off the things that give you joy. When you take time for yourself you also invest in the promise of who you are becoming which helps to balance you. If there is not "me time" each and every day, you will lose yourself. Investing in yourself in this way stimulates new growth and energy around you. Be mindful now of those things that you have not attended to, especially for yourself as those things tend to become more troublesome than they should be when you put them off. Part of attending to your own needs is to remove what is no longer necessary to you or your life - clean it up and clear it out. When you become impatient with yourself and your progress, you allow yourself to become overwhelmed with work and responsibility. All work without time to relax, enjoy life and replenish yourself, will take a toll on your health. Find balance and make time for yourself.

Attending to our own needs can feel challenging due to the practices and beliefs of our family of origin. Our Angels will help us prioritize attending to our own needs during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session TODAY!


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