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Believe & Receive Your Miraculous Healing

Our Divine Download for April 17, 2022 is Healing from the Oracle of the Fairies with the message "Now is a time for you to give or receive healing. Everyone has a natural ability to heal others - yes, even you!" What a perfect, beautiful message for Easter. Healing. And not just any healing, but as the rainbow on the card indicates, a healing miracle. Rainbows appear after the storm, whether that storm be literal, figurative, physical, emotional, or energetic. Either way, the rainbow featured on this card is the promise of lighter, brighter, easier energies for the future. Whatever needs to be healed in your life, regardless of to what extent, or how badly it may have needed healing, or for how long, this is your confirmation that it will heal, it IS healing. Intuitively you already know this, even if you have not yet experienced tangible results of this in your life just yet. But you will. The more connected you are to your intuition, the more that you can recognize and follow the guidance of any action steps that you need to take, the faster you will notice those tangible healing results in your life. You have the power to expedite and facilitate any steps needed for healing any area of your life. You have had the power all along - perhaps the healing miracle is simply that you recognize your own innate healing connection and ability. Your Angels, Guides, and Fairies remind you not to give your power away in any dynamics that you have with your healing practitioners, whether they be traditional medical doctors or more alternative holistic type practitioners. Any dynamic with anyone on your healing team should be balanced with you as an equal partner and participant - after all, no one is an expert on you like you! Embrace your healing in all areas of your life no matter how it looks, especially if it looks different than your expectations. Expect miracles. Look for those miracles. Acknowledge and embrace them when they show up for you. All is well. You are healing. You absolutely are.

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