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Empower Your Inner Knowing

Our Divine Download for June 10, 2022 is Knowledge from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message "Surrounded by information, and ideas, be discerning and selective on what knowledge and wisdom you focus on and what you push aside. There is so much available; you need to choose." We live in a day and age where we possess computers that fit in the palm of our hand and should the need arise to "look something up" we are able to do so just as fast as we can speak or type. However, though it is said that knowledge is power, what would have been more accurately stated would have been "to discern knowledge is power." We all know that not everything that is on the internet or the news is true knowledge. We even joke about it. But our propensity to believe the things that are circulating out there and our willingness to take things at face value has caused us to dumb down our invaluable inner knowledge, that energetic compass that we all have available to us at all times that calls bullshit on those things that we know not to be true energetically. We also have disconnected from the knowledge and the wisdom of nature and all of that which is available to us through the plant kingdom. Our Faerie friends are encouraging us to tune back into the knowledge and the wisdom of nature in order to support us in tuning back into our own inner knowing, which is where true knowledge has lived all along. Challenge yourself this week to put your palm computer down and put your palms on a tree, on some plants, or in some dirt. Breathe in this space and feel your inner knowingness begin to wake up from its societally imposed dormancy. Because knowledge truly is power.

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