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Focus Your Attention On Your Best Life

Our Divine Download for September 4, 2022 is Attention from the Angelic Messengers Cards. What are you choosing to give your attention to right now? What are you allowing to hold your attention that is not currently serving? Are you being mindful of where you are focusing your attention? Are you being intentional about to what you are giving energy and attention? We live in a busy, loud world chocked full of things that can and will distract us at any given opportunity. But thankfully due to free will choice, we always have the ability to decide where to place our attention and what we will allow to hold our attention. Is there something in your life or within yourself that is begging for attention that you have been ignoring or neglecting? What has your guidance been pertaining to where you are best suited to place your attention? Have you followed that guidance? Or are you not paying it adequate attention and refusing to heed it? Attention is a card of nourishment and reminds us that what we choose to focus on is what will exist and be most present in our lives. Attention reminds you to use divine love to transform the worry, fear, or guilt that we often place so much attention on that we tend to obsess over these things. You are being reminded to believe in yourself and know that all aspects of your life that you need to change can be changed through love and awareness through attention. Sometimes it is simply paying more attention to your thoughts and though process, sometimes the shift can come from removing your attention from that which you do not want, sometimes it is necessary to shift your focus and redirect your attention to something elsewhere. There is great power simply through paying attention.

It is easy for us to become so tunnel visioned with our focus and our intention that we can no longer see the forest through the proverbial trees. Our Angels can help gently guide us as to where to best focus and offer simple Spiritual Action Steps to help us shift our attention during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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