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Grow Through What You Go Through

Our Divine Download for January 4, 2024 is Constraint/Nauthiz from The Rune Cards. Key words associated with this Rune are necessity and pain. Something to keep in mind is that we grow through what we go through, and I think that we can all agree that we have gone through it the past couple of years (and then some!) It wasn't easy. It wasn't comfortable. But on some level, it was necessary for our growth. When you find yourself constrained, and unable to move forward, possibly in pain or uncomfortable, it is a sure sign of growth and evolution when you can ask yourself "what is this situation trying to teach me?" or "what do I need to learn right now?" or "why am I being kept from moving forward at this moment?" Not easy things to inquire about or even think about when you are in the midst of frustrating constraint. The other thing that comes up for us as we look at the image on this card is how much of the constraint we are experiencing is organic, and how much of it is self-created from the webs that we tend to spin? It is definitely something to think about and something to consider. Our egos are exceptional making problems where they do not exist and causing things to be vastly more difficult than they need to be. So if you suspect that may be the case for you, stop spinning! Get grounded, get centered, and do what you have to do to silence your ego to allow you to tune into your own inner guidance and your spiritual support team. That is the way out of any constraint that you find yourself challenged by. And remember, though it may not always be pleasant or fun, the only way out is through, and we are all better and wiser from the constraints we have grown through the past few years.

Our Angels understand how difficult it is for us to feel constrained by our circumstances and will gladly give us Spiritual Action Steps to help us tolerate and move through any constraints in our lives with greater grace. Schedule your 60 Minute Angel Card Session TODAY:Book Your Session HERE!


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