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Grow Your Wisdom Through Grace

Our Divine Download for May 30, 2021 is Finding Grace/Starflower from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Starflower's more common name is Borage. Her message is simple "Grade isn't something that you keep for yourself." Rather, grace is a gift you give over and over again to the world around you. Grace is a simple concept itself, defined as "courteous goodwill." It's often hard to give the gift of grace to those around us. We anticipate conflict as though we are required to armor up and fight in every conflict we are invited too. We assume the worst of people so often than we forget that it's possible to do otherwise. What's worse? We treat ourselves in this same manner. When we do not extent the gift of grace to ourselves, it becomes impossible to give it to others. The truth is that you are doing the best that you can with what you have right here, right now, in this moment in time. Focus there. Be the star in the you doing the best you can with what you have show. Give yourself permission to show up, mess up, make mistakes. Because this is how we learn. Give yourself permission not to know everything (hint: you're not meant to). Start with where you are and see where you can sprinkle a little more grace in your life. See how you can show yourself a bit more grace. See where you can gift your grace to others. Starflower knows that over time, your grace, your thoughtful nature, your caring, your practiced loving nature develops into a natural and beautiful wisdom. Starflower shows up for you now to help you cultivate more grace in your own life in order to realize the wisdom you've already achieved in this fluid graceful way.

Sometimes it isn't just that we don't gift ourselves with the same grace that we show others. Sometimes it is that we deny ourselves any and all grace, self care, and pleasure, and that's no good! Allow yourself to be cared for with a 60 Minute Integrative Reiki Session which will remove patterned blocks to self grace and self care within your body. Book Your Session Here:


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