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Movement in Fortunate Directions

Our Divine Download for January 21, 2021 is Fortune's Wheel from The Good Tarot. This is also known as The Wheel of Fortune in other tarot interpretations, and it's another major arcana card! It's time to get rolling. Things which may have been stalled or stuck in the past will now start to move forward and you will be both delighted and amazed at how quickly they pick up speed. Fortune's Wheel moves forward in the space where destiny meets synchronicity. You will be simply delighted to witness and behold how many meaningful synchronicities occur when you are in the flow and things are rolling forward. These synchronicities are spirit's way of whispering to you that they have your back. This is an energy of good luck - lucky breaks, things turning out perfectly, and things playing out way better than you could have ever even hoped. This happens to illustrate the connection between everyone and everything. When things move forward, when we're on a role, when we've bet on ourselves in a big way and our gamble is clearly paying off, all of these things happen in the space when we trust our co-creative relationship with the universe. When we are in the flow in this way, when we are in trust, and we cannot help but embrace the momentum and roll forward, we start to see little glimpses of our future and in the space of these sneak peeks our destiny may become clearer to us now. Bonus! Keep on Rollin'!

How will you roll through this year? Your Angels and guides can give you some clues that you can use as a bit of a map as you roll forward with a Hello/Goodbye Package. The divinely channeled info in this package is personalized to you and can help you keep your bearings as you roll through 2021 and beyond. Get yours Here!

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