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Relate To Your Abundant State

Our Divine Download for October 27, 2021 is Abundance from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. Abundance is one of my very favorite concepts! The gold coins featured on this card are our reminder and direct message from the universe "I only seek to give you what you ask for." Boom! Have you asked?! Have you asked for *exactly* what you want and what you need? Have you asked with the EXPECTATION that you will receive *exactly* what you've asked for or something EVEN BETTER?! Ask. Believe. Receive. This last piece is no small feat for many of us, because we have been conditioned not to be open to receive, and we may even have been conditioned to such an extent that we have mental, emotional, even physical blocks against receiving (quick: check your posture as you read this!) This Abundance card also asks us to look at our relationship with money. How do you really truly feel about money? What subconscious messages from your childhood no longer fit with how you feel about money? How do you treat money? Money is naturally attracted to appreciation and gratitude. Sometimes it can be as subtle as shifting your attitude from "I have to pay all these gd bills" to "I'm so grateful that I am able to pay these bills and this money will bless others and come back to me 10,000 fold!" Be wary of using your financial situation or what you believe about your current means as an excuse to avoid doing something. Check in with yourself to see if you thoughts and actions about money are empowering or disempowering you. Be willing to do the work to allow your thoughts about money to empower you. Remember too that abundance is so much more than physical money. Sometimes we accidentally limit our abundance because we are overly specific with the Universe as to the way in which money is supposed to come in to us or how it needs to look (hint: there's no supposed to and really lean in and look at the concept of "need.") Bless your money. Bless your current abundance. In doing so, these blessings will multiply exponentially and transform into even more money and even greater abundance. And so it is!

Our Angels are Abundance experts and will provide a helpful inventory of our current abundance and simple, meaningful action steps to help us grow our abundance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE:


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