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Renew Your Life Through Reflection

Our Divine Download for June 24, 2023 is Renewal from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. This is also a major arcana card, so we are really in the thick of some bigger deal changes and transformations right now. Renewal is all about reflection, self-evaluation, and rebirth. It's when we sort of take an inventory and decide what is and isn't working in our lives and decide to make tweaks and changes accordingly. Renewal, as the name suggests can also about people coming back together in a meaningful way, and a better way than they might have been together before (regardless of the type of relationship) because of the personal inventory that you have taken on yourself when you did so accurately and thoroughly. This particular interpretation of the card is a bit unusual because it is reminiscent of the Awakening or Hanged Man Card in other Tarot Interpretations, especially with Archangel Gabriel with his horn. This indicates that your period of self-reflection and any subsequent relationship renewal which follows is probably going to be kick started by some announcement, proclamation, or news coming in - some form of communication. It could even be an intuited message that leads you down the path of self-reflection. Whatever occurs to send you into this mindful state of renewal, be assured that your interpretation of the facts will be accurate and you can trust both yourself and your own intuition (which is a part of you after all!)

When we are going through the types of major transformation suggested by two major arcana cards appearing two days in a row, it can be nice, even necessary to take some time for self-care and make space for the transforming version of you with an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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