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SEE the Signs

Our Divine Download for January 1, 2021 is Heavenly Signs from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. As we begin our new year, leaving all but the wisdom gained from lessons learned in 2020 behind, our Angels and our guides want us to know that they are with us right now. They will be with us throughout 2021, and beyond, and they will be with us always, as is the promise of their partnership with us. They were with us throughout 2020 as well, even though there were times when we felt very much alone, isolated, and put upon. They ask us to open up our eyes, our minds, and our hearts, and be willing to openly and without judgement or prejudice receive the signs that they are sending us, gifting us, on a very regular basis. They have no agenda in sending us these signs other than to offer reassurance, or assurance that they are there and they are with us and that they are ready, willing, and able to partner with us and help us through and with whatever we need. We simply have to acknowledge them and ask. That's the only "catch" if you will to their involvement in our lives: we must ask because free will choice is a hard, fast, and finite Universal Law that will not allow them to intervene on our behalf until and unless we do. But, back to these heavenly signs: What are they? What do they look like? How will we know? We'll know because our noticing of and accepting of these signs will just feel different. We'll feel in in our guts, our hearts, our souls with a particular amount of certaintude. Some things just are. And so it is! Truly, anything can be a sign from Heaven, and often times signs are specific to the person receiving them because they have to make sense to you, they have to get your attention on some level. If your deceased grandfather always smoked cigars and you start to smell cigar smoke, well that's most likely him trying to get your attention and saying hello through a known and familiar association. Angels will often leave feathers in the most unusual and unlikely of places. Rainbows and shapes in the clouds are other popular heavenly signs. Seeing Angel numbers repeated like 111 or 444 are often signs from your Angels. Cardinals frequently represent deceased loved ones for many. When you know the names or identity of certain guides, they will often bombard you will meeting people with their names (even the Barista at Starbucks or check out clerk at the grocery store) or colors, shapes, or animals associated with their identities. The signs are everywhere and are all around us. But we have to notice them. We have to be willing to accept them. And for Heaven's sake, we need to NOT talk ourselves out of them being what they are! So many times we ARE noticing. We ARE seeing. But we are choosing to be in doubt, to dismiss, rather than to connect and have faith. And it usually doesn't feel particularly good to be in that dismissive doubt energy now does it?! So this is your loud, strong, clear announcement from your guides, from your Angels, from your deceased loved ones: they're here! They love you. And they're showing up in a big, bold, beautiful way to support you in 2021! Acknowledge and receive them with a grateful heart!

It can feel strange and challenging to connect with your guides and your Angels if it is not something that you have been in the habit of doing before. Let them offer a little bit of extra guidance and support this year by giving you some tools you can use to help you connect with them and have the best year possible with a Hello/Goodbye Package! Grab yours Here!


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