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Travel to Where You're Meant To Be

Our Divine Download for May 23, 2021 is Travel from the Spellology Oracle Cards. It's time to get moving. For some of you that may mean taking, or at the very least planning a trip. For all of us though, this means that there is an area in our lives, perhaps something that we've been avoiding doing or dealing with, or perhaps a relationship which has been neglected, that it is time to move forward on, it's time to address. It's literally written in the stars that it is necessary for us to take movement right now. Perhaps we need to move our physical bodies more, or we need to move our physical bodies differently than we have been. Have you checked in with yourself recently? Do so and ask your body how it wants or needs to move. Ask yourself where it is you are meant to travel at the moment. Even if it has felt, or perhaps still feels dark, moving is actually what will bring us closer to the light. Traveling is what will brighten our outlook and our spirit. Sometimes we allow fear of the unknown to hold us back from any type of traveling or any type of movement. But here's the thing: if you travel, and you do not like where you end up, you can always move back to where you started. Very little traveling and very few movements are one way or one time deals. Sometimes when we have been in the same place for a long time, we may feel limited or even stuck when it comes to travel. Our guidance here is to reach for the stars and to allow our hearts and our souls to guide us to where we are meant to move and where we need to go. We can never be wrong when we are guided by this place of universal connection. So get moving!

Resistance to movement may settle in our physical bodies from emotional, mental, or spiritual traumas we may have experienced in the past. Release these blocks to movement and travel during an Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!


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