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Our Divine Download for November 8, 2021 is Trust/Vishnu from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Vishnu is the Hindu god who works alongside the gods Brahma and SHiva to preserve the world. He brings about harmony when powers become unbalances, and provides protection and mercy to all. Vishnu is a benevolent and loving deity, definitely one of the good guys, and he can help you feel safe about your current and future life. Vishnu is asking that you trust the process, trust your process. You're right where you are meant to be at this exact moment in time. Trust that your prayers are being answered, and that heaven is working behind the scenes to help and support you, even if you don't yet have tangible evidence. You are on the right path. This is your sign that anyone that you're thinking about or asking about right now is in fact trustworthy, and that they are in your life for a reason. Vishnu also asks that you trust your intuition and that you pay attention to, notice, and trust your gut feelings (well, really ALL of your feelings) as they are meant to be your guiding force. The solid foundation of your situations gives if a trustworthy basis. Vishnu asks that you elevate yourself and your situation by continuing to purify your motivations so that they're completely about love and service to elevate the energy of your experiences even further. Rather than sitting in doubt and questioning your situation, question how you can be of service. Your pure acts of service and love will be rewarded with further signs about your situation to foster even greater trust. Trust that the universe has your back. Trust that it is all happening. Trust that you are magic. Trust your magic. Feel the magic within the simple act of trust!

It is not always easy to know or understand how we may be of service, where that will fit in our lives, or how we may act more often from a place of pure love. These are the perfect questions for a One Question Channeled Reading (and they're all related so they absolutely count as ONE question!) Order your One Question Channeled Reading HERE: Ask Your Question Today!

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