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You Are Protected Through Transformation

Our Divine Download for August 17, 2022 is Peacock/Protection & resurrection from the Feathered Omens Messenger Birds from the Spirit World oracle cards. Peacock can sort of be considered the Pluto of the Messenger Bird World. Pluto is the Lord of the underworld in mythology and he focuses on transformation, but that transformation must come through death and rebirth. In the same way, the mythology of Peacock is tied to the life and death rhythms of nature. When Peacock appears, you can truly expect a powerful time of birth, death, and resurrection to occur within the next few weeks. If you do not understand, or are unwilling to accept that birth is followed by death, which is followed by rebirth, this could be a challenging time for you where you may experience some self-imposed unhappiness. Our present conditions are only temporary and Peacock's appearance now is a strong reminder that anything lost in the next month or so will only be replaced by something new and even better and more beneficial. The challenge is that often when we are in these cycles, we do not understand at the time or cannot see while we are in it, why things become difficult, don't work, are challenging, fall through, or fail to materialize until after the entire process has played out. Then we can begin to clear the lens of our perspective and can experience that "Aha!" moment. It's important to be mindful that Peacock most closely resembles the proverbial ancient phoenix, the symbol of resurrection and rising from the ashes. Peacock promises rebirth and resurrection no matter what is occurring within your life. You may not understand how it will happen, but Peacock is a sure sign that it absolutely will! Peacock asks you to ensure that you are holding this perspective in order to help you see the truth of what is actually happening.

It can be challenging to hold proper perspective during times of great transformation and our Angels will help us do just that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book your Session HERE!


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