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Your Season of Light

Our Divine Download for November 13, 2021 is Sanat Kumara/Light Activation from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. He brings us the message "Shine your light. Your internal guidance is coming through loud and clear." Sanat Kumar means "Eternal Youth" and he is an advanced cosmic light being dedicated to helping the Earth rise up towards the light. So we can all agree that the Earth needs some light right now. Lots of light. OUR light. We are here to light up the world. We may feel that we are being pushed, or that we have a lot going on at once because our energy is magnetic and others want our energy in their lives. Always take time to listen to your inner voice and allow your inner compass to be your navigation system. Simply acknowledging and remembering the light of heaven and the whole universe begins the process of drawing it to you. There is no coincidence that this card is coming up for us as we approach the holidays, known as the season of light. So much darkness consumes so many as we head towards the close of this year. The light always exists. The light is always accessible to us. The light will always win over the darkness, even if that win seems non-existent or very, very small at first. Believing in the light strengthens both us and the light itself. Plugging ourselves in and connecting to the light is the perfect way to recharge, and the best way to help inspire others to acknowledge and plug into the light as well. Light begets light. #facts Each and every day acknowledge, connect, choose the light. And in doing so, you will shine so brightly that this is all that you need do in order to inspire the world.

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